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Door entry systems can restrict access to a building and make accessing that same building easier. A perfect example is the proximity sensor-based entry systems found in supermarkets - these provide convenience to the customer but can be locked down in the event of an emergency or store theft.

We have experience installing all kinds of door entry system with new installations and retrofitting possible. If you are unsure about which entry system to choose, we are happy to survey your property and provide recommendations.

If you want to make your office or business a safer and securer place to work, a door entry system is a good option. Door entry systems can restrict access inside a building and prevent unauthorised personnel from entering a building.

Homeowners have also started installing electronic door entry systems in place of key systems for convenience. Some smart entry systems can be controlled and unlocked with a smartphone, and some even work with voice control.

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Smart Entry Systems

All our door entry systems are network enabled via wire or Wi-Fi and boast smart credentials, such as in-built Bluetooth and NFC, allowing smartphones or smartwatches to be used as the key instead of a key fob or card.

Our smart door entry systems also have camera integration for remote monitoring. If you require multi-site management, we also provide remote access control so you can have a fully managed security and access solution.

There are several different types of door entry system. Which is best depends on what you want the entry system to do and the kind of building you have. In any case, all locks for external doors should meet BS36219 - the British Standard for thief-resistant locks. We can recommend the right door entry system via a survey.

Importantly, we are able to scale up our door entry systems. We have worked on projects from one door with one camera to over 100 doors with a camera in each. We can also integrate your new door entry system with your existing intruder and fire alarm system, to bring convenience to the installation and reduce your overall cost.

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