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There is nothing too scientific about electrical fault finding. It’s merely the process of determining where an electrical fault lies by process of elimination.

A qualified electrician such as us will use a digital voltmeter to check for volt, amperage, continuity and resistance in a circuit. Other times, we will use a non-contact tester, circuit analyser or advanced multimeter. It depends on the fault.

Regardless of the equipment used, the purpose of electrical fault finding is to locate the source of a fault so a fix can be made.

A good, experienced electrician will know where to start looking based on information provided by the customer. This speeds up the process. However, fault finding is not always a simple operation or a guaranteed slam dunk. Some fault finding missions can take hours and especially if the fault is across more than one circuit.

At Super Electrician, we aim to find electrical faults within 1-hour, and we repair most issues on the same day. This will save you time and money.

If you have an electrical fault right now, pick up the phone and call us for help on 020 8050 5037. We may be able to help you over the phone for FREE. If you need our services, we can be with you in just a few hours. We serve most part of London.


How much does this service cost?

There is no set fee for electrical fault finding. Instead, we charge £90 for the first hour and £60 any subsequent hour.

We diagnose most faults in an hour or less, and so the actual fault finding will probably cost you £90, in case the fault require more attention such as changing cables, sockets, switches or other issues we will let you know about extra cost before we proceed with the work.

The other factor that comes into play with electrical fault finding is the cost of parts necessary for repairs (where applicable). Most of the time, we have the right parts in our van, but we can’t carry everything. Extra parts may incur extra expense, but we’ll provide a receipt for the part, so you know we haven’t marked it up.

We fix the vast majority of faults on the same day. If we need to source a part, we aim to provide a fix within 48-hours or 72-hours.

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